ASTERI A.E informs you that for your best and most complete service through the services we offer you on our web portal (, it processes your personal data under Law 2472/1997 and of the relevant amendments and in accordance with the following guidelines: You give us only your typical details about the smooth completion of your purchase. For this reason, in e-commerce transactions, we only ask for the necessary information to send your order with accuracy and consistency to your site and to personalize and improve your service.

The codes you use to identify yourself are two: Email and Personal Security Password, which each time you enter them give you access with absolute security to your personal information. You are given the ability to change your Personal Security Password as often as you like.

The only person who has access to your information is you through the above codes and you are solely responsible for maintaining his / her secrecy by third parties. In case of loss or leakage, you will need to change your Personal Security Security Code. The online store of the COMPANY in no way disclose or disclose your personal data and the information you trust us. The personal data you provide us with your registration as a member is solely used to execute your transactions.

We would recommend you to change your password at regular intervals and avoid using simple codes. Users, when providing their information in the context of their transactions as in the present, will be informed by ASTERI A.E. and consent to and accept the imminent processing of such personal data for the purposes of smooth and easy transaction between the parties, as well as the forwarding of such data to recipients who will be specifically identified and are the employees and agents of the company within the of its processing contract.

Ensures that only authorized employees have access to transaction information and only when necessary, e.g. to handle orders. For the rest, ASTERI A.E undertakes not to disclose the details of their customers and transactions unless they have a written authorization from them or this is required by a court decision or a decision of another public authority. Personal data reported to the online store under the trademark “ASTERAS TRIPOLIS” are used exclusively by this or its affiliates to support, promote and execute the transaction relationship.